Doctor of Education in Communications
Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY
May 2013
Dissertation: Artists’ Acts of Appropriation: Educational, Aesthetic, & Political Implications
Advisor: Dr. Howard Budin
Master of Music Education
City University of New York, Herbert Lehman College, New York, NY
May 2006
Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Study, focus in Music Education and Spanish
New York University, Gallatin School, New York, NY
May 2003
cum laude
Teachers College Columbia University
New York, NY
May 2009 – Present
Equity, Ethics, and Social Issues of Educational Technology

Face-to-face and online sections

  • Develop curriculum and syllabus to introduce students to research in the fields of equity, ethics, technology, and education
  • Create and evaluate student assignments to appropriately demonstrate ability of each student and their understanding of the coursework on the social and cultural impacts of digital technology
  • Guide students in identifying appropriate research topics as well as approaches to scholarship and research to ensure successful research projects
  • Manage online tools and discussion forums in Blackboard and Adobe Connect to facilitate student dialogue and collaboration
  • Facilitate students’ inquiries into their lived experiences to determine suitable avenues to apply and practice theories of justice, equity, ethics, and education

Teachers College Columbia University
New York, NY
Fall 2010
Video as Art: Exploration

  • Developed curriculum and syllabus to introduce students to scholarship in the fields of video, aesthetics, communication, and education
  • Created prompts to set open-ended structures for students’ practical explorations of theoretical concepts
  • Evaluated student assignments to assess each student’s ability and understanding of coursework
  • Guided students in use and approaches to digital tools to ensure successful video projects, connecting technical skills to critical analysis of media and digital technologies
  • Conferenced with students and facilitated dialogue between students to elicit critiques and reflections
  • Managed digital tools to promote student dialogue and collaboration

Teaching Assistant
Teachers College Columbia University
Department of International and Transcultural Studies
New York, NY
Spring 2011– Spring 2013
Technologies and Literacies

  • Set up and managed the course’s online hub in Moodle to compliment and extend students’ face-to-face activity
  • Directly facilitated student collaboration and discussion, face-to-face and online
  • Monitored and evaluated student blogs for the course to assess each student’s understanding of coursework
  • Implemented digital tools to achieve professor’s pedagogical goals
  • Provided professional development to professor to improve her facility with online learning tools
  • Managed and led museum visits to elicit students’ application of theoretical concepts

Teaching Assistant
Teachers College Columbia University
Department of Communications, Computing, and Technology in Education
New York, NY
Fall 2009 – Fall 2011
Readings in Communication Theory and Social Thought

  • Managed and arranged study groups to help students discuss and understand weekly readings
  • Ran course wiki to supplement understanding of course materials
  • Developed and assignments to assess students ability to analyze and engage with media in a variety of contexts
  • Managed group discussion to assess the social and cultural impacts of communications technologies 

Research Assistant
Supervisor: Lalitha Vasudevan
Teachers College Columbia University
New York, NY
Arts, Media, and Justice: Multimodal Explorations with Court-Involved Youth
January 2010 – May 2012

  • Developed ethnographic case studies detailing arts pedagogy with students in an alternative-to-incarceration program in Manhattan
  • Developed, implemented, and documented 6-week photography program
  • Conducted interviews with participants (teachers and students)
  • Collected and analyzed data and artifacts from program, including digital photos
  • Acted as liaison between Teachers College and the alternative-to-incarceration program

Freelance Researcher
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
New York, NY
Online Museum-Based Learning: Literature Review and Research Report
May 2012

  • Reviewed literature about Museums and Online Education, Adult Learners and Online Learning, Best Practices in Instructional Design and Online Education, and Badge Systems to compare and assess the Museum’s online educational offerings
  • Presented findings to MoMA’s Education Department to demonstrate the state of the field of research and the utility of the report

The College Board
New York, NY
Gap Analyst and Summary Preparer
September 2011

  • Reviewed, compared, and summarized the visual arts (7 states) and media arts (6 states) frameworks for the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards

The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum
Long Island City, NY
Teacher Advisory Board Member and Co-Facilitator
Fall 2010 – Spring 2011

  • Investigated ways artwork might inform and support classroom practice, with a special focus on the relationship between artist and material
  • Met, interviewed, and dialogued with teachers to help the participants develop and implement lessons and use the museum as a resource in their own practice
  • Used findings to modify the museum’s educational programs to meet teachers’ needs

Elementary School Teacher
New York City Teaching Fellows, PS 59
NYC Department of Education
Bronx, NY
August 2004-June 2006

  • Co-taught math and literacy to 3rd and 4th grade students to improve student achievement in a hard-to-staff school
  • Integrated music and art with core curricula to enrich student learning
  • Staged monthly shows to highlight student achievements and abilities in the performing arts and to engender school spirit
  • Taught drum and guitar lessons before and after school to extend students’ artistic opportunities

Teaching Artist
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, PS 48
Learning Through Art
Staten Island, NY
September 2007 – September 2013

  • Collaborated with classroom teachers to develop and implement arts-based curricula that supported core areas of study
  • Acted as a liaison between the Guggenheim Museum and PS 48 to ensure smooth communications, successful execution of the program, and the continued growth of the relationship between institutions
  • Managed annual budgets to ensure the students were able to access high quality materials and supplies
  • Acted as mentor to provide professional development to Artist Assistants, many of whom were students of art education or administration

Freelance Educator
Various Cultural Institutions
New York, NY and San Diego, CA

  • Provide programming, workshops, tours, and courses to deliver arts education experiences and cultivate audiences’ relationships with cultural institutions
  • Audiences include, but are not limited to: pre-k and toddlers, K-12 students, family programs, community partnerships, audiences with special needs
  • Integrate technology to facilitate students’ explorations of the aesthetic potential of digital tools

The Art Barge
August 2010 – September 2013
Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum
December 2009 – September 2013
The Jewish Museum
September 2006 – September 2013
Metropolitan Opera Guild
February 2010 – September 2013
Museum of Modern Art
September 2007 – September 2013
Museum of the Moving Image
September 2006 – September 2007
San Diego Museum of Art
July 2006 – Present
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
September 2007 – September 2013
Tech Kids Unlimited
May 2009 – Present
Professional Developments
Various Cultural Institutions
New York, NY and San Diego, CA
Spring 2008 – Present

  • Provide training and workshops for classroom teachers, para-professionals, and teaching artists.
  • Themes include: arts integration, technology integration, aesthetic education, facilitating experiences with art, assessment in arts education, and instructional design.

Ideal School
June 2009 & 2010
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
August 2011
Museum of Modern Art
Spring 2008
PS 88, Queens
June 2010 & 2011
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
Nov. 2009 & April 2011
Young Audiences San Diego
August, 2012 – Present
Villa Musica
August 2013
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Dzula, M. (2009, April). “Music, Culture, and Knowledge”.           Presenter, TCETC. Teachers College, Columbia University, New York
Jukebox Radio
Co-Creator, Director
January 2007 – Present

  • Collaborate with museums to create custom programming and shows for family days and special events
  • Mix music, shadow puppets, video, and projections to highlight artworks, themes, and information in exhibits
  • Stimulate embodied response to encourage audience participation and learning

Bay Area Discovery Museum
November – December 2013
Hudson River Museum
June 2011
Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum
July 2009, July 2010
The Jewish Museum
November 2008, November 2010, May 2012
Neuberger Museum of Art
December 2011, December 2012
New Children’s Museum of Art
July – August 2012, July – August 2013
North Carolina Museum of Art
June 2011, November 2011
Orange County Museum of Art
August 2009, July 2010, January 2011, August 2011, February 2012, April 2012, August 2012, November 2012, October 2013
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
June 2010, May 2011, June 2012, May 2013
New York, NY
1999 – Present

  • Write music to score picture for short film, advertising, and television
  • Provide musical content for bands and performers
  • Publish music in various formats: online, records, and CDs
  • Perform live in cultural institutions, clubs, and other venues

BMI Publishing                
Mark Dzula
Principal Songwriter: Begin Again, Jigsaw Records
Playa Sin Fronteras                     
Director, Performer
Ladybug Transistor                     
Principal Songwriter: Clutching Stems, Merge Records
Magic Caravan                
Teenage Prayers              
Producer, Arranger
Elias Arts                         
Freelance Composer, Television and Advertising
Shout It Out Loud            
Freelance Composer, Television and Advertising
Magieville, Horsefingers 3, Piquo
Score for Short Film
American Educational Research Association, 2010 – Present
National Art Education Association, 2010 – Present
Computer Skills: Proficient in Pro Tools, Logic, Garageband, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc), iStopmotion, iMovie
Languages: Fluent in Spanish; Knowledge of French, German, Russian, and Italian
2013 Bay Area Discovery Museum, Artist in Residence
2013 Threadless Select Line, More Wishes
2012 Andy Warhol Preserve Visual Arts Program: Teaching Artist Residency
2011 Andy Warhol Preserve Visual Arts Program: Teaching Artist Residency
2010 Teachers College Myers Art Award: Caving, collaboration with Ardina Greco
2007-2010 Scholarships: Teachers College, Department of Computing, Communications, Technology and Education